"This past October 2013 we shot the new season of our OPENING TV series across Argentina.  We follow two of Canada's best young chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding as they search for culinary adventure and cooking inspiration. I worked with Carina Valicati to set up the whole trip.  From the scheduling, to the contacts and overall incredible knowledge of the country's food & wine scene it was the best shoot ever. Carina offers an amazing service having worked with the National Tourist Board for many years and she was able to get us exactly what we needed.  The best and most interesting bars, restaurants, events, adventure and scenery.  It was just awesome. Carina was also great on camera! We filmed across Buenos Aires, Villa la Angostura, Bariloche, and Mendoza and got the best possible shoot we could imagine.  Thank you Carina! "

— Francis Mitchell,

Producer of Riverbank Pictures. October 2013